Edinburgh Classic Gin

Edinburgh Classic Gin


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Edinburgh Gin is a classic big juniper gin with a twist. It is one of the new wave of distilled gins that conform to the EU gin legislation on ‘Distilled Gin’. The way we make it is simple: Edinburgh Gin is made in the traditional way by distilling Scottish grain spirit together with juniper and other core gin botanicals in a revered 200 year old pot still in the Black Country. Then it is shipped to Scotland where we add our own distinctive Scottish botanicals in the form of softer, less pungent Scottish juniper that has been macerated in high strength gin as well as heather and milk thistle. No mystery, it’s just the way we like to do it. And this method also provides us with a direct link back to the days when Edinburgh and its Port of Leith was a distilling hub not just for whisky, as one would automatically assume but also for distilling and rectifying gin and liqueurs. That’s why we’re proud to call it Edinburgh Gin. Edinburgh Gin is best enjoyed with tonic and a slice of lime or grapefruit over ice; however it is very mixable and can be enjoyed with a range fruit juices or cocktails.

The nose : Clean and fresh with spiced notes.
The palate : Rounded juniper, pine, floral lavender, with hints of soft spice and aromatic citrus.
The finish : Bright citrus giving away to a round, smooth finish.

43% Alcohol by volume, 750ml bottle