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Barr Hill Vodka

Barr Hill Vodka


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Caledonia's relationship with the land and honey bees inspired and gave birth to this vodka. The soul of a beekeeper is filled with the rhythms that flow through the seasons, reflecting the changes in the flowers, rains, sun and all the forces that are a part of this beautiful mystery. Barr Hill Vodka is crafted from honey at their micro-distillery on the banks of the Lamoille River in Caledonia Country of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Honey is cold fermented for several weeks then carefully distilled in their custom stills. The spirit which emerges reflects the essence of the soil and flowers visited by the bees. Each batch exhibits genuine vintage characteristics, due to subtle differences in the honey from which it is distilled as the source from which the bees create the honey changes with the seasons.

40% Alcohol by volume, 750ml bottle