Bully Boy Old Fashioned Whiskey

Bully Boy Old Fashioned Whiskey


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The old fashioned is the easiest drink to make and the hardest drink to make well. WIth one false step it can easily become too sweet, too dry, too bitter, not bitter enough, or, worst of all, corrupted by fruit and soda water. Like any well made cocktail, the key is balance. Just enough sweetness to complement the bitters, and just enough whiskey to make the whole thing worth drinking.

Using Bully Boy’s award-winning American Straight Whiskey as the base, the Old Fashioned is hand crafted with muddled raw sugar and just enough Angostura bitters to complement – but not overpower – the whiskey’s smooth caramel flavor and nutty finish. The Bully Boy Old Fashioned is best served two fingers in a rocks glass over one large ice cube. For an enhanced taste, Bully Boy suggests muddling an orange wheel and Maraschino cherry in the tumbler before pouring the cocktail.

35.7% Alcohol by volume, 750ml bottle